Enterprise Medical Imaging for Streamlined Radiological Diagnosis in Zambia

The Republic of Zambia, like many countries world-over, is faced with a critical shortage of trained radiologists, medical experts specialised in the interpretation of medical images for radiological diagnosis of health conditions. It was reported that as of 2019, Zambia had only five (5) trained radiologists against a population of 17 million (Bwanga et al., 2019). This project is a pilot study that seeks to investigate the challenges resulting from the shortage of radiologists and to investigate the feasibility of implementation of efficient and effective medical imaging workflows using enterprise imaging techniques, in order to demonstrate the potential of enterprise imaging in addressing the grand challenges associated with medical imaging in Zambia.
• Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies (DRGS), University of Zambia
—Project Team—
• Lighton Phiri, University of Zambia
• Ernest Zulu, University Teaching Hospitals
• Zola Mahlaza, University of Pretoria
[1] Ernest Zulu, and Lighton Phiri. Enterprise Medical Imaging for Streamlined Radiological Diagnosis in Zambian Public Health Facilities. University of Zambia, 2021
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