Metadata Harvesting via OAI-PMH Using Python

I am conducting my last set of experiments –basically a series of performance evaluations, and I will be using metadata, harvested via OAI-PMH [5], from the NDLTD portal [1] as my dataset… It fits in perfectly with what needs to be evaluated; 1,985,695 well-structured records. Incidentally, I had a very interesting chat with my supervisor the other day when we discussed my experimental plan, and one of the things that came up was the question of figuring out whether or not a particular dataset is a prime candidate for performance evaluations… Continue reading “Metadata Harvesting via OAI-PMH Using Python”

XPath Expressions Using XMLlint Navigating Shell

I work with a lot of XML documents and was until recently using XML Copy Editor, both as my XML editor and for executing XPath expressions. I recently started working on a project that, in part, involves converting metadata stored in a legacy MS Access database to XML documents. I wanted an easier way of verifying the XML metadata files and naturally had to make do with XPath. Continue reading “XPath Expressions Using XMLlint Navigating Shell”

JDOM – A Pure Java XML API

Today was a good day –I preached to an acquaintance about JDOM [1] and why I decided to use it in preference to other XML APIs [2, 3]. In the process, I realised I had not blogged about it. I am hoping this short article will help someone get started with XML and Java… programming is fun and believe me you will have fun using JDOM. Continue reading “JDOM – A Pure Java XML API”

Meuchian Grouping Method – XSLT 1.0

I have a huge XML document that makes up metadata for bushman drawings that were compiled in the late 19th centuary and recently digitised. I am trying to generate a view of part of that information, but I need to rearrange the structure of some XML elements. Oh, and YES! I do know that this can potentially be done seamlessly in XSLT 2.0 [1], but I want to generalise my solution and not restrict myself to processing my documents with a particular xslt processor –Saxon [2] is the only xslt processor known to be compatible with xslt 2.0. Continue reading “Meuchian Grouping Method – XSLT 1.0”