Apache Tomcat – Multiple Intances

I’ll be conducting an online user study in a couple of weeks. I will essentially have participants play around with a Java web applicaton and so naturally, I need to deploy the web app onto our laboratory production server –mufasa. Problem is, I do not have root access to mufasa, however, a system-wide tomcat instance is already installed and so all I had to do was install a private instance in my home directory. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading “Apache Tomcat – Multiple Intances”

Thunderbird& Gmail – Configuration could not be verified

I have literally become a KDE junkie from the time Kyle introduced me to it, however, I recently decided to migrate from Kcontact [1] to Thunderbird [2]. Yes, moving is hard, but I just had to. Continue reading “Thunderbird& Gmail – Configuration could not be verified”

EPrints3 Installation on Ubuntu Via apt-get

So I have been evaluating the flexibility of existing digital repository software tools and decided to install the Eprints Ubuntu package via apt-get –I must say, I was rather impressed with the package. Not only does it work flawlessly, but the overall installation process is so very user friendly. Continue reading “EPrints3 Installation on Ubuntu Via apt-get”

Ubuntu Past Group Membership

I was in the process of installing Virtualbox day before yesterday (September 20, 2011); needed to add myself to the vboxusers group, but accidentally erased my group membership on Ubuntu –I feel retarded right now. It was a silly mistake really, I accidentally left out the “-a” (append) switch when I was trying to add myself to the vboxusers group.

A tail on /var/log/syslog file was not very helpful. Continue reading “Ubuntu Past Group Membership”

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Extension

I stumbled upon this beauty a couple of days back and thought I should write something about it; it’s basically an Open Office/Libre Office extension. It basically synchronizes documents your are currently working on periodically with googledocs using the googledocs API.

If you’ve lost data before, then you know this is important; I mean I backup all important files on my Laptop on tonnes of servers (I synchronize data with Ubunt One, two servers I have access to at the Department and also on my computer back at the Laboratory).

So here’s how you go about installing the extension; Continue reading “OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Extension”