R Graphical Representation – Installing tikzDevice Package

I have R code embedded within LaTeX files that make use of R plots, and I use Sweave to generate corresponding standalone TeX files. In addition to that though, I also make use of the R tikzDevice package to ensure that the fonts in my R plots are consistent with my LaTeX document. As it turns out, R commands are output at a low level as tikZ commands [1]. Continue reading “R Graphical Representation – Installing tikzDevice Package”

ICADL 2012 Submission – Paper Accepted

A paper I co-authored with four other colleagues from our research group was accepted as a 10-page full paper at this year’s 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2012) [1] :). We were notified towards the end of July, 2012 and I was especially impressed with the positive feedback from the three (3) reviewers, regrettably though, the submission was not nominated for the best paper award 🙁 Continue reading “ICADL 2012 Submission – Paper Accepted”

I Yield! – I am switching from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX

So I finally decided to migrate from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX. I had previously always argued for using WYSIWYG wordprocessors like LibreOffice and made it quite clearly that I was going to write my entire thesis using a wordprocessor [1]. Continue reading “I Yield! – I am switching from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX”