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Using R ggplot2 Package for Elegant Graphics

I have been analysing results from a user study I conducted a couple of weeks back, and quite naturally, I have been experimenting with varying ways of presenting the results graphically. I have primarily been using R base graphics for constructing my plots, but recently came across ggplot2… incidentally though, I also briefly experimented with lattice. (more…)

R Graphical Representation – Multiple Plots in One Graph

I find that the R layout() function is a lot easier and more flexible to work with when combing multiple plots into one graph. I have in the past also played around with the par() function, but layout() is my favourite 🙂 (more…)

User Experience Evaluation Using Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

I conducted a user experience (UX) study, as part of an evaluation process for a paper submission to ICADL 2012 –the paper was accepted–, towards the end of July 2012. I particularly found AllAboutUX.org useful for selecting the UX evaluation methodology to utilise, and eventually resorted to using Intrinsic Motivation Inventory. (more…)

Embedding R Code in LaTeX Using tikzDevice Package

LaTeX/Sweave integration is awesome! Dynamic reporting made easy indeed. Integrating the overall workflow with tikZ functionality right within R is even better as it esures that your plots have a consistent look and feel through out your report.


R Graphical Representation – Installing tikzDevice Package

I have R code embedded within LaTeX files that make use of R plots, and I use Sweave to generate corresponding standalone TeX files. In addition to that though, I also make use of the R tikzDevice package to ensure that the fonts in my R plots are consistent with my LaTeX document. As it turns out, R commands are output at a low level as tikZ commands [1]. (more…)

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