Randomly Spawning Sample Objects With Python

Too tired to think straight and with very little time left, I came up with a primitive script to randomly spawn workloads for a series of experiments I was running. As it turns out, the natural order of the dataset [1] I am using needs a bit of randomisation –the records in the different SetSpecs have inconsistent structures. Moral of the story here is that free-styling isn’t always approapriate 😉 Continue reading “Randomly Spawning Sample Objects With Python”

Metadata Harvesting via OAI-PMH Using Python

I am conducting my last set of experiments –basically a series of performance evaluations, and I will be using metadata, harvested via OAI-PMH [5], from the NDLTD portal [1] as my dataset… It fits in perfectly with what needs to be evaluated; 1,985,695 well-structured records. Incidentally, I had a very interesting chat with my supervisor the other day when we discussed my experimental plan, and one of the things that came up was the question of figuring out whether or not a particular dataset is a prime candidate for performance evaluations… Continue reading “Metadata Harvesting via OAI-PMH Using Python”

Python-Mode – A Simple Vim Python Plugin

So I am fairly new to Python –I’ve been using it since August, 2011– and I must confess, its nothing less than amazing. Its amazing what a few lines of Python code are capable of doing; and if for some reason you do not believe what I am saying, perhaps this [1] might convience you otherwise. When I initially started using Python, Vim [2] proved sufficient. Continue reading “Python-Mode – A Simple Vim Python Plugin”