I Yield! – I am switching from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX

So I finally decided to migrate from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX. I had previously always argued for using WYSIWYG wordprocessors like LibreOffice and made it quite clearly that I was going to write my entire thesis using a wordprocessor [1]. Continue reading “I Yield! – I am switching from LibreOffice Writer to LaTeX”

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Extension

I stumbled upon this beauty a couple of days back and thought I should write something about it; it’s basically an Open Office/Libre Office extension. It basically synchronizes documents your are currently working on periodically with googledocs using the googledocs API.

If you’ve lost data before, then you know this is important; I mean I backup all important files on my Laptop on tonnes of servers (I synchronize data with Ubunt One, two servers I have access to at the Department and also on my computer back at the Laboratory).

So here’s how you go about installing the extension; Continue reading “OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Extension”