Public Rant – STOP Creating PDF Documents With Empty Metadata Fields

Creating PDF documents with empty metadata fields is bad form… if you are one one of those perpetuating this vile practice, PLEASE STOP IT!. First off, there is a very good reason why those PDF document metadata fields are there—for the most part, it helps search engines like ‘The Google’ to appropriately index and structure your document [1, 2]; in addition though, that meta information provides potential users of your documents the chance to quickly get a sense of what the document is about. Continue reading “Public Rant – STOP Creating PDF Documents With Empty Metadata Fields”

LaTeX Font-consistent Diagrams Using Dia

Ensuring that manuscripts I produce using LaTeX have a consistent font throughout the document has been a long-held obsession of mine. The majority of documents I produce typically contain block diagrams which I almost always generate using third-party tools. One of the problems, however, with integrating LaTeX documents with input files (typically JPG, PNG, EPS et al.) from these external tools is that of ending up with a final output that has inconsistent fonts. Continue reading “LaTeX Font-consistent Diagrams Using Dia”

LaTeX Copy Editing – Using Aspell Interactive Spell Checker

I got feedback from my supervisor late last night –he’s clearly a night Owl. I’ve spent the last couple of hours going through his comments and there’re a number of suggested changes to be made in the three draft chapters I sent through to him. One thing was immediately clear: my manuscripts had tonnes of spelling and grammar mistakes… Continue reading “LaTeX Copy Editing – Using Aspell Interactive Spell Checker”

A Taste of the Beamer LaTeX Class Using Torino Theme

LaTeX source files are on my github account [1]… Use R Sweave command to generate TeX file. Thereafter, run latex on resulting TeX file and then dvipdf to generate final pdf output –pdflatex will NOT work with PSTricks and so you need to run latex to generate a dvi file. Continue reading “A Taste of the Beamer LaTeX Class Using Torino Theme”

LaTeX Source Code Formatting Using Listings Package

The LaTeX listings package is possibly the most widely used source code formatting package. I am a LaTeX newbie and tend to evaluate potential packages primarily based of their popularity –Google plays a vital role here. The listings package was somewhat an exception since I resorted to using it not only because it is popular, but also because it fits in perfectly within my typesetting workflow. Continue reading “LaTeX Source Code Formatting Using Listings Package”