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[Screencasts] DSpace Via IIS Using ISAPI Filter Plugin

Today was really nice, except for the weather though; it was bitterly cold and I tend to get really home sick when it gets this cold. I still got to learn quite a bit about how things work in a typical Windows server environment though. So I spent the early hours of this afternoon with a colleague who manages the MS Win 2K3 i386 production server where the DSpace instance I set up is going to run from; we were essentially configuring IIS to proxy requests through to Tomcat 6… (more…)

[Screencasts] Installing DSpace on Windows 2003 Server

I am suppose to install a DSpace instance –on a Windows 2003 server platform– in the next couple of days and had to create a sandbox. I had no choice but to install Windows 2003 on virtualbox. I’ve created a series of screencasts that depict how one would go about installing DSpace on Windows 2003 server. Please comment if I did something I shouldn’t have done or if there are easier ways of performing certain tasks. I hope this helps someone out there. (more…)

Apache Tomcat – Multiple Intances

I’ll be conducting an online user study in a couple of weeks. I will essentially have participants play around with a Java web applicaton and so naturally, I need to deploy the web app onto our laboratory production server –mufasa. Problem is, I do not have root access to mufasa, however, a system-wide tomcat instance is already installed and so all I had to do was install a private instance in my home directory. Here’s how I did it. (more…)

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