SAICSIT 2011 Postgraduate Symposium

I am just settling down, after attending this year’s three(3) day long (October 3 – October 5,  2011) SAICSIT conference. So I submitted a poster abstract –towards the end of July, 2011– for the Masters and Doctoral Symposium. It was acceptable and I was accorded the opportunity to give a 20 minute long presentation and also showcase my work through an A1 poster.

I met a lot of interesting people from across the different Universities, but I was particularly impressed with whats happening at the University of Witwatersrand. No wonder the top 10 universities in Africa are all from South Africa.

Presentation Slides

After a lot of valuable feedback from the guys in my research group, I ended up with the presentation slides above. I didn’t want any fancy animations and decided to use Bitstream Vera Sans for my font with a consistent size of 32 points. All graphics were manipulated using Gimp.

A1 Poster

Just so you know, I paid a total of R 201.00 to Imago Visual, to have my poster printed 🙁 –R176.00 for printing + R25 for the pod.

My original plan was to use scribus, but I ran out of time and found the learning curve to be too steep for me 🙁 I ended up using LibreOffice 3.4.3 (Impress and Draw)

Colour themes

  • I used Arial consistently
  • Header: title is 85 points, author details are 72 points and Institution details are 54 points
  • Sub-headers: title is 54 points
  • Content: I used 32 points consistently

Positioning& Size

  • Top, bottom, left and right margins are all 1.00cm
  • Text boxes have a consistent width of 26.50cm; the height size are dynamic, with the exception of the subheadings which are 2.50cm in size
  • Each text box is 1.00cm away from the margin, with the exception of the header, which is 0.00cm away from the margin.
I had so much fun at the conference –I haven’t had this much fun in years.