Our Work “Enterprise Medical Imaging in the Global South: Challenges and Opportunities” Accepted to IST-Africa 2022

Our submission to IST-Africa 2022, titled “Enterprise Medical Imaging in the Global South: Challenges and Opportunities” has been accepted and will be presented during the upcoming IST-Africa 2022 conference.

We have collaborated with colleagues from the University Teaching Hospitals (UTHs)’s Adult Hospital in order to explore the potential of using Enterprise Medical Imaging to address some of the grand challenges affecting radiological diagnosis. The paper presents preliminary exploratory work conducted as part of a “Seed Money” research grant awarded to us by The University of Zambia’s Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies.

The paper presents grand challenges that adversely impact the effective interpretation of medical images and, additionally, the potential opportunities available through the implementation of EI in addressing the challenges in the global south, with a specific focus to The Republic of Zambia.

IST-Africa 2022 will be hosted by the Government of South Africa through the Department of Science and Innovation and supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC). The event will be held in May 2022 and is the seventeenth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research and Innovation Conferences.