Public Rant – STOP Creating PDF Documents With Empty Metadata Fields

Creating PDF documents with empty metadata fields is bad form… if you are one one of those perpetuating this vile practice, PLEASE STOP IT!. First off, there is a very good reason why those PDF document metadata fields are there—for the most part, it helps search engines like ‘The Google’ to appropriately index and structure your document [1, 2]; in addition though, that meta information provides potential users of your documents the chance to quickly get a sense of what the document is about. Continue reading “Public Rant – STOP Creating PDF Documents With Empty Metadata Fields”

LaTeX Font-consistent EPS R Plots Using tikzexternalize

We are about to submit a final camera-ready version of a manuscript and they sent us this email the other day reminding us, among other things, to “adhere to the prescribed [ACM] format as set out in paragraph 2.3.10 [1]”… In a nutshell, they want all figures in EPS format. Now I am very particular about font-consistency when integrating plots within TeX documents, and so I spent most of last night trying to figure this out. I eventually decided to leverage a somewhat widely used technique–‘tikzexternalize’. I found this [2] thread on StackExchange really helpful. Continue reading “LaTeX Font-consistent EPS R Plots Using tikzexternalize”

[R Scripts] Visualising Likert Scale Responses Using likert

I am working with a data set from a survey, carried out as part of a user experience study, and recently got into an interesting discussion with my supervisor regarding data visualization. We touched on a couple of important issues–when to graphically represent information, types of visualizations… He suggested I look into using diverging stacked bar plots. Continue reading “[R Scripts] Visualising Likert Scale Responses Using likert”

[R-scripts] ggplot2 Plot Collection on Github

Seeing as VERY few individuals will ever get to read my MSc dissertation [1], I have been thinking of other ways I can potentially scrap off bits of useful information from it. I have created a git repository [2], where I will dump all R generated plots. Hopefully, someone out there will find these R code snippets useful. Continue reading “[R-scripts] ggplot2 Plot Collection on Github”

[MySQL-errors] ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 28: Can’t create table ‘X’ (errno: 150)

Spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this one out. It turns out, InnoDB wants an index created on a referenced field. It turns out, the error was as a result of a non-indexed referenced field–title_etd in this case. Continue reading “[MySQL-errors] ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 28: Can’t create table ‘X’ (errno: 150)”