R Graphical Representation – Multiple Plots in One Graph

I find that the R layout() function is a lot easier and more flexible to work with when combing multiple plots into one graph. I have in the past also played around with the par() function, but layout() is my favourite 🙂 Continue reading “R Graphical Representation – Multiple Plots in One Graph”

User Experience Evaluation Using Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

I conducted a user experience (UX) study, as part of an evaluation process for a paper submission to ICADL 2012 –the paper was accepted–, towards the end of July 2012. I particularly found AllAboutUX.org useful for selecting the UX evaluation methodology to utilise, and eventually resorted to using Intrinsic Motivation Inventory. Continue reading “User Experience Evaluation Using Intrinsic Motivation Inventory”

XPath Expressions Using XMLlint Navigating Shell

I work with a lot of XML documents and was until recently using XML Copy Editor, both as my XML editor and for executing XPath expressions. I recently started working on a project that, in part, involves converting metadata stored in a legacy MS Access database to XML documents. I wanted an easier way of verifying the XML metadata files and naturally had to make do with XPath. Continue reading “XPath Expressions Using XMLlint Navigating Shell”

Embedding R Code in LaTeX Using tikzDevice Package

LaTeX/Sweave integration is awesome! Dynamic reporting made easy indeed. Integrating the overall workflow with tikZ functionality right within R is even better as it esures that your plots have a consistent look and feel through out your report.

Continue reading “Embedding R Code in LaTeX Using tikzDevice Package”

R Graphical Representation – Installing tikzDevice Package

I have R code embedded within LaTeX files that make use of R plots, and I use Sweave to generate corresponding standalone TeX files. In addition to that though, I also make use of the R tikzDevice package to ensure that the fonts in my R plots are consistent with my LaTeX document. As it turns out, R commands are output at a low level as tikZ commands [1]. Continue reading “R Graphical Representation – Installing tikzDevice Package”