Mapping the 2013-14 ZDHS HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rates in Zambia

Sometime last year, we got our hands on the 2013-14 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey report [1]. The document has a wealth of information regarding demographic and health aspects of the Zambian population as a whole. Today, we are sharing visual output of maps showing regional HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in Zambia. (more…)

Mapping Historical Regional Voting Patterns of Zambia Presidential Election Results

More maps! This time around, we have generated historical maps for regional presidential election results. We think this provides a better understanding of regional voting patterns over the years. For each of the presidential elections held between 1991 and 2016, we visualise the final regional (READ: provincial) outcomes and, additionally, results by electoral administrative boundaries (READ: constituencies). (more…)

Mapping the Zambia 2016 Presidential Election Results

We finally got our hands on the most recent Shapefiles [1]. Also, a few weeks back, we got our hands on the official Electoral Commission of Zambia presidential election results [2] and did some really basic analysis. So we decided to visualise the results. No commentary here, just maps… and more maps. (more…)

Student Programming Plagiarism Dectection Using Moss

Cheating in student programming tasks manifests in various forms; sharing the same piece of code is one such way. While there are a number of ways of detecting source code similarity, using Moss (Measure of Software Similarity) [1]—a plagiarism detection SaaS system—is one potentially viable and effective method of doing so. It is “fast, easy to use, and free” [1, 2]. (more…)

Visualising the Zambia 2015 Presidential By-election Results

So the Electoral Commission of Zambia finally published [1] the comprehensive results of the just ended presidential by-elections. I decided to put up this post as a follow up to my previous posts on past presidential elections held in Zambia. Quite shocking how the voting pattern split the country into two. (more…)

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