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If you are one of those people who are very particular about how much they spend and whether or not it’s justifiable, then you will definitely love this…… free national SMSs withing South Africa; and you can send upto 20 per day too. What could be better than that? I send an average of about 10 local SMSs per day; that evidently translates to R 3.5 (a local SMS costs 35c… utter madness if you ask me; and did I mention that an international SMS costs 5 times as much? Insane! call me if you think thats justifiable when they don’t even pay Interconnect fees for SMSs).

All you do to start using those free SMSs is bascally  register on their website ( and you’ll have access to free 20 SMSs everyday.

I must admit, I was a bit hesitant when I first stumbled upon the website (there are always strings attached) but it turned out to be a legitimate thing after all. So whats in it for them you ask? Well, they’ll probably sell off your information to potentional business establishments out there and they will in turn run targeted SMS campaigns.

However, you should be aware of the following:

  • You are limited to 110 characters and not the conventional 160 characters (thats cause they use up the remaining characters to append an advertisement message of their own)
  • There is an annoying “SMS free on, no hidden fees!” message appended to every SMS you send out.

Happy texting and happy saving as well.

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  • im having an account with you guys and im having problem loging in and i have lost my loging deteails can you please help me out and send them at 0738788888

  • help me out i realy want to login my account please A.S.A.P i wil be waiting for your reply at 0738788888 or at my Email that i have mentioned

  • Hi Sheldon, what exactly happened to your account? I unfortunately have no affiliation with, but I can help where I can. Just let me know what the problem is.

  • received activation code .so what now? getting started

  • Hi Brian,
    they use the validation code to ensure that they register the correct MSIDN. What you need to do is go to the final step (which you can access using the link below) and enter the validation code you received.

    I hope this helps.

  • moshe epignosis

    im strugglng to gt my account iv opend with fsms…what cn i do?

  • @moshe epignosis$: what exactly are you struggling with?



  • @Beesham $:probably some temporal glitch on’s part; its a fairly easy process. At what point did this happen?
    I hope this helps

  • nomzamo

    hey. I’ve activated an account but never received the activation code or its just for certain network

    • @nomzamo: I hope its not too late; it works on all the big three (Vodacom, MTN& Cell-C). You just need to make sure you fill in all the required details.

  • Hi i wnt 2 send an sms bt it didnot send as it was the first time for me to use this

    • (mm) did you specify the correct destination MSISDN number format? what error message popped up when you sent the SMS?

  • sino

    ive forgot ma login details and when enter my mobile number which 0835907229, it says is not a valid number what must i do. Plz reply to this number 0835907229

  • sive

    hey there, ive got an fsms account but the problem is that all my messages are recieved onto the application online and not onto my phone, the older version of FSMS allowed one to fix that, but now i dont know how to go about it on the new version, please help

    • Hello Sive, it appears there have been a number of mishaps after the changes they made to the Website interface. If you are on Facebook, the best thing to do is to go to’s wall ( and complain about it. I hope this helps.

  • Nhlanhla

    Hi @phiri im having a problem with registering to use the fsms service.whe im on step 2 when im surpose to put my mobile number it says my mobile number is not valid

  • Nhlanhla

    Please help me i’ve tried alot of times.i thought maybe it the system but still even how many times i try it says my number is not valid ..please reply .this is my number or via email

    • @Nhlanhla, its probably a formatting issue of some sort. Make sure the syntax of your mobile number is correct.
      0 Network Code Mobile Number
      e.g. 082XXXXXXX
      Please make sure the mobile number has a total of ten(10) digits.
      I hope this helps.

  • Nhlanhla

    @phiri i tried that but still it does’nt number still apears as a not valid number

    • Whats your number? Perhaps I could try and register it on your behalf.

  • Nhlanhla

    It 0840672264 Please i would appreciate that

  • Nhlanhla

    @phiri,that does’nt work when i go to that link it give me the page where i can log in or register and theres no place where it says forgot trying but it not working

  • Nhlanhla

    @phiri,that still not gives me the login or register page

  • I have the same problem as Nhlandla,where i need to fill in my mobile number,which i did.can you help me in this matter please?

  • Mkhizezama

    what is happening

    • @db94511fde519dfe4f4d2429d30c6220:disqus , what do you mean what is happening?