[R-scripts] ggplot2 Plot Collection on Github

Seeing as VERY few individuals will ever get to read my MSc dissertation [1], I have been thinking of other ways I can potentially scrap off bits of useful information from it. I have created a git repository [2], where I will dump all R generated plots. Hopefully, someone out there will find these R code snippets useful. (more…)

[Bash-scripts] Recursive String Replacement

I had a bunch of makefiles that needed editing–finding and replacing occurrences of strings. It would have taken a long time to manually do it. I used the simple bash scirpt below to recursively barrow into all sub-directories, and subsequently find and replace all occurrences of strings in question. (more…)

Android Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspoting on Kubuntu Using WICD

I had a really tough time trying to tether my Android-based LG Optimus L5 mobile device, and additionally use it as a portable hotspot. The basic idea was to make it possible to access it via the Ubuntu 12.04.2 installed on my laptop; I run Kubuntu desktop environment on it by the way, and that kind of made it a lot harder… However, since I started using WICD [1] –all my problems are pretty much gone now :) (more…)